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ZoneFS to be improved significantly in Linux 5.19


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ZoneFS, introduced by Western Digital in 2019, is a Linux file system that uses zoned block devices. ZoneFS was included in Linux 5.6 in 2020 but since that time, we didn’t see any notable improvements. Luckily, it seems like ZoneFS will get some major improvements and fixes in Linux 5.19.

New features

Damien Le Moal from Western Digital, who is leading the development and maintaining ZoneFS established 5.19 Git branch. The list includes several fixes and improvements which will be ready for Linux 5.19. These are:

  • Document sysfs attributes for-5.19
  • Cleanup the mount options section
  • Add active seq file accounting
  • Export open zone resource information through sysfs
  • Always do seq file write open accounting
  • Rename super block information fields
  • Fix management of open zones
  • Clear inode information flags on inode creation

It is possible for Damien Le Moal to add more patches to this branch within the next weeks. Linux 5.19 will be available this summer.

get more info https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/filesystems/zonefs.html

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